• In Eye of Whale, we believe that the fundamental objective of a company is to create value for the shareholder.

  • Value Creation is measured by EVA, Economic Value Added.

  • The EVA is calculated based on the financial statements: Income Statement and Balance Sheet Statement.


  • The physical reality of companies is complex: they sell many products to many customers, with a specific business model, both in terms of sales price positioning, margin, manufacturing, distribution, R & D, advertising investment, etc.

  • The most advanced companies have invested many resources in developing their proper analytical model that reflects their physical reality as well as possible: an income statement and  a balance sheet detailed by:

    • concepts in order to monitor elements of interest.

    • business dimensions: brand dimension to group their products, market dimension to group their customers, etc.

  • As a consequence, they get a large volume of data; an ocean of data​, that allows them to analyze the profitability of their business with several perspectives: for such concept, for such market, for such brand, for such combination (brand, market), etc.

  • Unfortunately, studies indicate that only 5% of this information is analyzed since analyzing manually (with the help of BI tools) would lead to unaffordable time and cost.

  • In Eye of Whale we have estimated that a company with 100 brands and operating in 50 markets would last 104 days to realize one full analysis of all its information; which is not affordable!

  • In fact, the partial analysis undertaken today in the companies:

    • are high time-consuming​

    • give different results according to who, when and how the data are analysed

    • come late

    • consumes 80% of time instead of helping business to improve

    • paralysis by analysis

... And at each month closing, forecast, budget, etc...

  • Thus, companies are far from taking benefit from all their valuable information.


  • We have developped BRAIN software solution, hosted on the Cloud, that​ analyzes the value creation of the company.

  • We plug BRAIN on client company datawarehouse, then BRAIN will explore it giving you the most important events you should focus on.

  • BRAIN analyzes, automatically, 100% of the analytical information, consistent with the financial statements of the company.

  • BRAIN diagnose if the company has created value and how it has generated it highlighting its vertebral elements.

  • Finally, we identify the whales, the most striking elements in their creation of value.

  • The whale remains a call to think over and to action, for the shareholder and the executive direction to guide the efforts of the organization.

  • We believe that acting on what matters most induces in increasing the value of the company.

  • In this way, the company benefits from all its efforts done in building a data model that reflects its physical reality.

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