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Our mission is to help SME entrepreneurs to improve the management of their companies and increase their value based on a deep analysis of their needs and the development of tailor-made solutions, both in terms of management and tools.
This is the reason why we offer a business management consultancy service in addition to the development of customised applications.


We seek improvement for the company, the company owner, and the employees.
We have a humanistic way of working: we only work for entrepreneurs who have a good purpose for their company and for their employees. It is very important for us and it is the only way we can connect.

We are honest, transparent, rigorous, resilient: it is not because it is not easy to get the right thing done that we will give up the goal.

We have a lot of respect for the employer and his employees.
We know that the employer is the expert in his business, and we are not, but we also know that we are the management experts and that the employer is not. So, when we come together knowing each one of us our role, we achieve very powerful changes.



Because there is no valid solution without knowing the improvement sought, our relationship is based on a 360º consultancy that starts with an in-depth analysis of the company's situation.

Once we have detected the potential improvements for the company, we design a project proposal to develop appropriate solutions, and we carry out the implementation hand in hand with the entrepreneur and his team.


Data is key to business management: 
1) we look for the necessary sources to get the right data,
2) we develop Excel applications so that users have the ability to take advantage of the data quickly without being an expert analyst, taking control of the company on the key indicators.
3) we develop web applications when it is interesting for the company.
4) we offer BRAIN, the value creation analysis software, for companies that have an analytical accounting system.

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